We are always looking for the newest, funniest, most use full (or useless) products. Whatever we think is the best we will buy and make it available for you here on AMAandSON.com Affordable junk – straight from China. 
The team behind AMAandSON.com has over 25 years of combined sourcing experience in China. Even though we market our product as “junk” you will be pretty amazed by the quality you will gett at these low prices. 
All of our products are shipped directly from the factories in China to you. no middle man, agents, distributers or retailers. If you order is 50usd or above, the shipping is free.  All orders are processed within 24 hours and shipped out within 48hours. the shipping time varies. Greatly. On a good week it can take 4 days to Europe. on a bad 14.. 
If your product is default or broken upn delivery or breaks thru normal usage, we simply ship you a replacement product.  If you break it urself it really isn´t our fault, but if you decide to buy a new product from us we will throw in a gift for you on your next purchase.


We currently work from varius
coffee shops around the world.
Currently spending most of our time in China and Hong Kong.  Unit B, 01/F, Haribest Industrial Building, 45-47 Au Pui Wan Street. Fo Tan, Hong Kong
Friday afternoons means less coffee and more beer. 
Monday to Friday: 10am to 9pm
Saturday: 11am to 4pm (probably a bit hungover)
Sunday: 11am t0 4pm

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